It is our privilege to present to you our most prominent signature collections, which are specially designed to represent the highest principals of quality and style. As you browse through this blog, you will discover that Abiss Design carries nothing less than innovative and stylish prefab and home furnishing products. All our collections offer unique craftsmanship that transforms your home into a destination. The founders of Abiss Design, Frasha Boa and Oggy Bonetto, have always had one goal in mind: to provide high quality lifestyle prefabs and furnishing solutions to customers around Second Life. In short, Abiss Design’s values can be categorized in 4 different yet equally aligned segments: versatility, change, customer satisfaction, quality. Abiss Design strives to integrate consumer tastes and desires from all over the world into a desirable end product that not only rectifies lifestyle needs but revitalizes the routine of day to day life. Abiss Design will redefine design and the home-furnishings industry through a new generation of consumer friendly designs and products that will put individuals back in control of their homes. Don’t hesitate to visit us at Abiss. Thank you for your support. Sincerely, the Abiss Team.


Abiss Coming soon - Hillside residence

Sunday, August 14, 2011 0 comments
Abiss coming soon - Hillside residence

This is a teaser for upcoming release from ABISS, Hillside residence, made with render lights for night enviroment in world. And interior and furniture is specially baked to give whole feature realistic touch.

Abiss coming soon - Hillside residence.

Abiss coming soon - Hillside residence-4

Reminder of last release from Abiss is for Le Parisien living room set which comes in many materials and colors you can pick and choose from

ABISS - parisien-poster-1

Abiss Le Parisien set out now

Monday, August 8, 2011 0 comments
ABISS - parisien-poster-2
We are proud to present our latest and most luxurious living room set. Le Parisien living room set is made with care, and took hundreds of hours to finish. As poster said, 42 prims of absolute luxury.
ABISS - parisien-poster-1
**Key features**
Contains following:
2 x Armchair 10 prims
1 x Couch 11 prims
1 x Central table 7 prims
1 x lamp 4 prims
Total prim count for the entire set = 42 prims
-lamps are only non mod items
-package contents may appear no mod from inventory view but when rezzed are fully modifiable
-mod permissions are enabled for purpose of color tinting , script and poses management only. Any unlinking and prim rearrangement as well as texturing is NOT recommended and "voids the warranty". Scroll to bottom for further info on this.
** Le Parisien Couch **
usage and features:
Sculptie shaped and textured love seat with high detail textures.
75 different sitting/ laying animations inside 2 seats. User "sits" on couch using RMB and "sit here" option, then choosing the seat. Touching sofa brings up an extensive menu with pose choices for either male or female avatars. Users can adjust their own pose presets hight and rotation - type /1a to get adjust dialog box. Owner only option, is accessed when owner touches couch. Can reset sit/lay poses, set access, adjust users, etc...
Touching the recline / back rest of couch, gives additional 80 couple pose pairs driven by separate mlpv2 menu. Pose balls are operated via touching again same recline part.
The choice of poses and animation will satisfy almost everyone`s needs. Cuddles, foreplay, intercourse, girls only and solo activities are some of animation groups embedded.
For further info on menu usage, please consult documentation at:
ABISS NEW - parisien-poster-3
** Le Parisien Armchair **
Sculptie shaped and textured love seat with high detail textures.
50 different sitting/ laying animations inside. User "sits" on the armchair using RMB and "sit here" option. Touching the armchair brings up an extensive menu with pose choices for either male or female avatars.
Users can adjust their own pose presets hight and rotation - type /1a to get adjust dialog box. Owner only option, is accessed when owner touches couch. Can reset sit/lay poses, set access, adjust users, etc...
** Le Parisien central table **
Matching textures with sofa and rest of the set
sculptie table with mod rights so it can be resized or set to full bright.
** Le Parisien lamp **
Matching textures with sofa and rest of the set. Touching brings up simple dialog to control intensity.
Kind regards,
Abiss team

Abiss Kiosk FP

Thursday, May 5, 2011 0 comments
Available on marketplace for your sims, shops, venues in world made of iron

Abiss Kiosk

Abiss team

Abiss Sanctuary coming soon

Sunday, April 24, 2011 0 comments
abiss_sanctuary skybox
In Abiss - your interior design heaven


Friday, April 22, 2011 0 comments
We at Abiss are proud to announce our major release. Next level in detail and functionality 7 seats Hot Tub named "Envy". Dozens of animations, lots of texture choices, realistic water effects. Come and visit us Abiss mainstore

Limited time offer: Envy tub by Abiss

Abiss interior is proud to present

advanced and high detail hot tub, retaining low prim count.
Realistic water effects
Dozens of sitting pose animations
over 150 couples animations
several texture combinations

16 prims tub
5 prims plants in 3 different colors
2 prims optional steps in 3 different colors
2 prims bonus candles
permissions are always mod and either
transfer or copy depending on choice of purchase
tub size is 4x4x1.25 meters

color/material choices:
cabinet - wood (oak, wenge, merbau, silverwood, bamboo), acrylic black or white
spa colors - white, black, blue, red, cinnamon, and sandstone

each seat contains 15 - 30 different individual animations/poses
7 seats in total

MLPv2 driven couples menu contains
71 animation pairs - 142 animations
categories cuddles 43 (4 of which are for 3 some)
girls only - 6 animation pairs
adult - intercourse (22 animation pairs, foreplay and sex)
 owner can set permissions for each segment of tub usage (sits, design/features or couples pose ball engine)

Package contents :
 1. one Abiss Envy Hot tub in copy transfer permissions OR mod and copy permissions accessories and add-ons
2. 3 plants with pots - either non copy or copy perms - depending on main pack permission (no mod)

3. 3 steps in different colors - add-ons for tub - full perms
4.  small candles - with mod / copy perms
5.  this notecard Envy hot tub instructions Due to non modify nature of some contents ( animations, scripts) it appears no mod inside inventory.

Abiss Envy  

However, when rezzed it restores its original modify rights for owner.
 Usage :
a) Simple - causal sitting right click on a tub. Choose the Sit down option from the pie menu that will give you the menu dialog with numbers. Pick number of a seat you prefer. When seated, you have following options: touch anywhere on a tub (except control panel) to get the pose choice dialog, or type /1 in main chat to get the adjust pose menu( you can tweak your present pose to your preferences). If Owner is not sitting, they can touch tub and get a simple menu for access on this feature and positions reset, stored information for certain avatars cleared etc... (this is only for individual sits, not pose ball engine) 

b) Control panel menu touching control icons �� will bring up the design and feature menu; you can choose between several texture combinations, fill/drain water, use jet water effect and steam, set access for this menu (owner, group, everyone) you can also activate the animations menu (mlpv2 Pose ball engine) which can be directly accessed by touching green feet icon �� Buttons are toggle on/off featured. (example same button will drain or fill tub with water. wont change position, just text) Also, current state is displayed in menu dialog.

 c) When pressed for the first time, pose balls menu will start up loading scripts and notecards. This can take up to few minutes depending of a sim`s performance. Once fully loaded, it gives ready message and can be used. Touching the icon directly or going through the control menu > animations brings up a new menu for poses and appropriate adjustments. Poses are sorted into 3 categories. Cuddle, (1,2,3 and 3some), Girl Fun (girl poses for lesbians), and Adult section (Foreplay and Intercourse). Options can be used for adjusting, adding , storing poses. Owners can add any pose they like, since this tub is modifiable. Check, for any further information on subject.